Matjaz Gams


Matjaz Gams is Head of department of intelligent systems at the Jozef Stefan Institute and professor of computer science at the University of Ljubljana and MPS, Slovenia. He was teaching at 10 Faculties in Slovenia and Germany. He is member of numerous international program committees of scientific meetings, national and European strategic boards and institutions, editorial boards of 11 journals and is managing director of the Informatics journal, published for 41 years. He is executive manager of the Computer English-Slovene dictionary. Published in over 50.000 printed copies. He has been president of the Organizing Committee of the central IS conference for 21 years delivering the prestigious Michie-Turing award for life achievements. He was co-founder of various societies in Slovenia, e.g. the Engineering Academy where he currently coordinates the research class, AI Society, Cognitive Society, ACM Slovenia, SLAIS. He cooperated/headed around two hundred national and international projects including top EU projects FP and H2020. His team was awarded with several research and innovation top national achievements, the first place in the international EvAAL competition, the first and second place at the Sussex-Huawei competition at UBICOMP2018 in Singapore, and was chosen for 10 most promising teams to win the 10 million $ Tricorder competition. His COBISS list includes over 120 original scientific publications and over 1400 items in all categories including 7 patent applications.

Research Interests:

Intelligent systems, artificial intelligence, cognitive science, intelligent agents, electronic and mobile health, business intelligence and information society.

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