Aldo Pezzuto


Aldo Pezzuto was born in Brindisi, Italy on 07 October 1971.He obtained his classical high school diploma in 1989 and graduated in medicine and surgery at the University of Turin in 1995. Subsequently he qualified to practice medicine.Since 1999 he has specialized in diseases of the respiratory tract and since 2000 he has been a pulmonologist at the division of Pneumology and Tisiology at first at the Hospital of Vercelli, then at the Hospital S.Camillo Forlanini in Rome, and since 2006 he has been a pulmonologist at the University Hospital S.Andrea, Sapienza belonging to the Department of Cardiovascular and Respiratory Sciences.Since 2006 he has been an adjunct lecturer in the course of methodology of the respiratory system at the Faculty of Medicine and Psychology. He acquired his PhD title in Biomedical Sciences in 2018 at Campus Bio-Medico University.Member of the European Scientific Society ERS, member of the Italian Pneumologists Association SIP and of the Italian Tobacco Association SITAB.

Research Interests:

Current research interest: lung oncology clinical trial functional studies in COPD lung cancer screening and prevention, studies by immuno histohemistry, study on tobacco cell damage in vitro and ex vivo, cell cycle nicotine metabolites.

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