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Krishnan Chakravarthy


Dr. Krishnan Chakravarthy: University at Buffalo School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences (MD, Ph.D. 2012, an Anesthesiology residency at Johns Hopkins Hospital (2016), Chronic Pain Fellowship at Massachusetts General Hospital/Harvard Medical School (2017). He is Assistant Clinical Professor in Anesthesiology at UC San Diego and VA San Diego Health System (2017-present). He has affiliated faculty at the UCSD Department of. He is also co-director of the UCSD Institute of Engineering in Medicine Center for Mobile-health Systems and Applications (CMSA). He has published many papers in highly reputed journals in anesthesiology and pain medicine in societies. He is a recipient of several national research awards and has had his research featured in Futurity, News Medical, and other international venues. He is a co-founder of three biotechnology companies.

Research Interests:

Chronic Pain, Neuromodulation, Nanotechnology, and Influenza

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