Sangeeta Singg


Dr. Sangeeta Singg is a licensed psychologist and a professor of psychology at the Angelo State University (ASU) where she started the graduate counseling psychology program and served as the Program Director for many years. She is also a certified Applied Clinical Nutritionist and a Purification and Weight Loss Coach. Her publications are in the areas of health and counseling/clinical psychology. She is currently serving as the president of the Psychological Association of Greater West Texas (PAGWT). In November, PAGWT recognized her with a prestigious award, “Outstanding Leadership in Psychology Award.” Serving on the Board of Directors of American Heart Association, Tom Green County Division for 32 years, four times as the Board President, she received recognition for her service and volunteerism for over years and was named Go Red Ambassador. Dr. Singg was selected as a “Top Psychologist in San Angelo, Texas” by the International Association of Healthcare Professionals and listed in their publication, Worldwide Leaders in Health Care. Among several academic awards, three are ASU’s Distinguished Faculty Achievement Award, ASU Faculty Excellence in Leadership/Service, Texas A&M University-Commerce’s Ambassador Award, and ASU 35-Years Service Award. Dr. Singg organized the first AIDS Awareness Program in West Texas in the early 1980s and started the first support group for the AIDS patients, their families, and friends. A group member and Dr. Singg founded the San Angelo AIDS Foundation which began serving a vast geographical area of West Texas.

Research Interests:

Dr. Singg’s research interests are diverse and interdisciplinary including post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, zoophilia, childhood sexual abuse, memory, cardiovascular disease, alternative methods of healing, grief, suicide, energy medicine, student personal responsibility, self-esteem, color preference and color therapy, and role of nutrition in physical and psychological wellness.

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