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Ashraf Ramadan HI


Ashraf Ramadan Hafez Ibraheem did his B. Sc of Physical Therapy, May 1989, Master degree of Orthopedic Physical Therapy, 1997, Doctoral Degree of Orthopedic Physical Therapy, 2002, Faculty of physical therapy Cairo University. Currently, he is working as a Vice Dean of Faculty of Physical Therapy at Deraya University. He worked as a consultant and professor in different universities as Cairo, and King Saud universities, and also as a director of physical therapy in Hospital Management. He shared and attended in 25 Conferences, 27 seminars, 14 workshops, and 8 courses in Higher Education and Graduate Studies.

Research Interests:

Nerve Injuries, Neurosurgery, Neuroscience, Orthopedic, Physical Therapy, Sport Medicine, Muscle-Skeletal Disorder, Back Pain

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