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Tamer A. Gheita


Prof. Tamer A. Gheita is a Rheumatology consultant at many worldwide JCI accredited Hospitals. He has authored 100+ international publications; supervised on and discussed 25+ MD and MSc theses; actively participated in 100+ regional and international conferences and is considered a notable speaker. Certificates of excellence were awarded for endorsing the practice of Rheumatology in regional countries and for attending medical convoys all over Egypt. He is a member of recognizable Rheumatology, Immunology, Osteoporosis and Orthopaedics societies. He studied and attended his school in London, UK. He graduated from The Faculty of Medicine, Cairo University (December 1993) (Excellent with grade of Honours), attended his M. Sc degree (1997) with an excellent grade and successfully received his MD degree (2003). He is an active Rheumatology and Clinical Immunology Professor since 2013.

Research Interests:

Rheumatology and Clinical Immunology

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