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Dr. Mina T. Kelleni is a 36 years old assistant professor of pharmacology at the faculty of medicine, Minia University, Egypt. He is also a clinician practicing internal, family medicine and dermatology since 2006. He has published more than 28 papers in reputed journals; invited to speak in tens of international medical conferences in cities all over Europe, Asia, Australia, USA and a member of the organizing committee of four international medical conferences. He obtained his MBBS degree with honour in 2004. He’s chosen a career in pharmacology after feeling frustrated from the lack of effective remedies for many diseases dedicating sincere efforts in his MSc research to explore a new remedy for NAFLD and in his Ph.D. research to decrease the toxicity of antineoplastic drugs. He's struggling to raise Pharmacovigilance in Egypt as well as to ban the toxic and carcinogenic drugs which are sorrowfully widely circulating in the Middle East

Research Interests:

Diabetes Mellitus, Obesity, Autoimmune disorders, Cancer chemotherapy, NAFLD, HCV Pharmacotherapy, and Pharmacovigilance

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