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Mohammed Soliman


Maha Farid Mohammed Soliman is a professor of parasitology / Faculty of Science - Suez Canal University, Egypt. She has a wide range of experience in many fields of parasitology. Her research interest is focusing on epidemiology, diagnosis and treatment of parasitic diseases of man and animals. She is also interested in studying some issues in field of environmental and molecular parasitology. She teaches several parasitology courses at the university and supervises a number of graduate students (M.Sc. & Ph.D.) at many research institutes of Egypt & other countries.

Research Interests:

Her focusing on several issues in field of parasitology: - Epidemiology, diagnosis and treatment of parasitic diseases infecting man and animals (Fish diseases – Fascioliasis – Schistosomiasis….etc); Environmental Parasitology (e.g. parasites as a bioindicator of pollution in aquatic environment etc) Molecular approaches in the field of parasitic diseases.

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