Gian Maria Pacifici


Gian Maria Pacifici was a conscientious worker who demonstrated a good grasp of biochemical pharmacology. He developed rapid and sensitive assays suitable for suitable for studies of drug metabolism in human tissues. His scientific productivity has been highly impressive. He (GMP) co-edited, with Dr. G.N. Fracchia, European Commission (Brussels, Belgium), a book entitled “Advances in Drug Metabolism in Man” (EUR 154139 EN - ISBN 92-827-3982-1) in 1995. It was published by the European Commission (Brussels, Belgium) and it was identified as a textbook on the metabolism of drugs in man, and the European Commission freely distributed it to all Departments of Pharmacology and Clinical Pharmacology to the five continents. He co-edited, with Prof. Olavi Pelkonen, Oulu, Finland, a book entitled “Interindividual Variability in Human Drug Metabolism” (ISBN 0-7484-0864-9). It was published by Taylor & Francis, London EC4P 4EE (UK), in 2001. Gian Maria Pacifici has been the Italian Delegate at the European Commission (Brussels, Belgium). Gian Maria Pacifici has written 225 articles in peer-scientific journals, including some book chapters.

Research Interests:

metabolism and pharmacokinetics of the drugs administrated to neonates and infants

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