Anna Maria Nives Mileo


Dr. Anna Maria Nives Mileo has completed her degree from the University of Rome, “Sapienza”, Laboratory of Nucleic Acids – CNR, in the Department of Biology, and post graduation from Istituti Fisioterapici Ospitalieri (IFO) Laboratory of Biophysic -“Regina Elena” Cancer Institute of Rome. She completed his Ph.D. from Italian Association for Cancer Research (AIRC) -Laboratory of Cell Biology of the National Institutes of Health (NIH-Bethesda, USA). She is currently working as Scientist Investigator at “Regina Elena “National Cancer Institute of Rome (Italy) in the Department of Research, Advanced Diagnostic and Technologies Innovation. She authored many publications in national and international journals. She received many awards and honors.

She has a broad background in cellular and molecular cancer biology with specific training and expertise in the main oncologic research areas.

Research Interests:

Her research interest mainly focuses on viral oncoproteins and their role in cellular transformation. Polyphenols as the modulator of oxidative stress in cancer. Gene expression regulation in melanoma cells. Functional properties of human nicotinic acetylcholine receptor-channels Heat shock proteins synthesis and melanoma thermotolerance. And also her research focused on identification and characterization of molecular processes involved in cell transformation and cancer progression mainly in cervical cancer, melanoma, and lung cancer. Her recent scientific activities have focused on the viral oncoproteins and their role in cellular transformation evaluating the E7/E6 HPV16.

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