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Lillian B. Brooks


Ms. Brooks has 25 years of experience working on numerous projects in juvenile and family law. She has served on multiple local, state and federal government boards and committees and partnered with private and non-profit agencies to achieve the best results for court-involved youth and their families. Her expertise includes fostering community relations through successful outreach, implementing evidence-based programs, developing and institutionalizing public policy, securing grant funding and ensuring effective management practices, all of which helped to ensure better outcomes in recidivism and re-entry in the juvenile justice system. She holds a law degree and masters level courses in social work and public policy. She has received numerous national awards and recognitions. She is currently an Adjunct Professor at George Mason University and teaches juvenile law, family law and criminology.

Research Interests:

Her research interest is in the field of juvenile justice or family law and the justice system. I am interested in whether small juvenile community correctional facilities for serious offenders impact on recidivism rates.

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