Victor Maurry Badner


Dr. Victor Badner graduate of University of Pennsylvania (BA), Harvard School of Dental Medicine (DMD) and UCLA (MPH). He completed a General Practice residency at Montefiore Medical Center in NY and a Dental Public Health (DPH) residency at UCSF, and became board certified in Dental Public Health (1994). In 2012, he completed a certificate program in Medical Bioethics at Cordoza Law School and the Albert Einstein College of Medicine.

Currently, he is Department Chairman of Dentistry/Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, at Jacobi Medical Center and North Central Bronx Hospital. He serves as Chair of the Council of Dental Chairmen of NYC’s municipal hospitals. He has served as President of the Medical Board at Jacobi Medical Center. He also is an Associate Professor with faculty appointments at the Columbia School of Dental Medicine and the Albert Einstein College of Medicine.

In 2006, he received Silver Anniversary Award for the Class of 1981 Graduate of the Harvard School of Dental Medicine who contributed most to society, the profession and the school, and in 2008, was the Jacobi Medical Center Honoree for the NYC “Doctor’s Day” Award.

Research, grants and publications relate to access to appropriate oral health services. In particular, he has published and received grants for assessing and improving oral health services to HIV infected patients and underserved populations. In 2013, he was the author of a book chapter, Oral Complications of Pregnancy, in Cherry and Merkatz's Complications of Pregnancy.

Research Interests:

Dentist Decision making, HIV/AIDS and oral Health Care, ER use for non-traumatic dental visits, resident education, dental public health, access to oral healthcare for underserved populations.

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