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Sangeeta Tiwari


Sangeeta Tiwari was awarded JRF and SRF fellowship by Council of Scientific and Industrial Research to pursue her Ph.D. in “Molecular and Biochemical characterization of potential drug targets of Mtb” with Dr. P.K. Chakraborti at Institute of Microbial Technology /India. Her findings sparked her interest in studying; the role of this virulence factor in bacterial evasion of host immune responses and Dr. J.D. Mac Micking (HHMI) enthusiastically invited her to join Yale University and work on it. During these studies, she discovered a novel mechanism of action of potent host antimicrobial immune response effector, which resulted in “Nature Immunology” and “Immunity” as first author publications. Currently, she is working with Dr. William R. Jacobs Jr., an eminent Howard Hughes investigator (HHMI) at Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York.She have designed curriculum and serving as an Instructor for “Immunology” course in Biology department at CUNY Lehman College, New York.

Research Interests:

Her research work mainly focus on developing novel Vaccine candidates and drug targets against Mycobacterium tuberculosis (Mtb), a successful human pathogen.

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