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Dr Ibrahim Rabia Bauiomy Aly.


Brahim Rabia Bauiomy Aly received his B.Sc in Biotechnology,and M.Sc Degree in immunoparasitology Cairo University. Ph. D. Degree in immunoparasitology, Biotechnology department, Faculty of Science, Cairo University, January 2002. Thesis of title: "Characterization and Diagnostic Potential of Anti Schistosomal IgG and IgM Monoclonal Antibodies". He has reviewed 6 journals and attended 22 Conferences. Brahim Rabia has won Bronz Prize for the best Oral Presentation. Brahim Rabia has published 62 Scientific Publications.

Research Interests:

Brahim Rabia intrests in Diagnostic efficancy of monoclonial antibody based sandwich enzyme linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) for detection of Fasciola gigantica ecretory/secretory antigens in both serum and stool.

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