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Laura Sullivan Romero


Laura Sullivan Romero has completed her Undergraduate studies in Biochemistry from University of California,(1982-1987) and received the medical degree from University of Southern California Los Angeles, California(1991). She is a residence of UCSD Medical Center in the Division of Dermatology, San Diego, CA. She is a dermatopathologist and dermatologist. She serves as an Associate Clinical Professor, in University of California San Diego. She instructs in the diagnostic clinics, in the laser program and in the review of dermatopathology at VA Medical Center. She is Clinical Director of Dermatology at the VA Medical Center since 2000 and. She received many honours and awards including Dean's Award and Clinical Faculty Resident Teaching Award 200 for her outstanding research work in the field of dermatology She is an active member of many American Academy of Dermatological societies and she is a Coordinator of San Diego Dermatopathology Slide Trading Club since 2013. Romero is affiliated with UCSD Medical Center, VA Medical Center and San Diego Sharp Memorial Hospital. She is the author of many articles published in internationally reputed journals.

Research Interests:

Her research interests focus on General Dermatology, Dermatopathology

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