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Liqun Zhang


Professor LiqunZhang obtained his Ph.D degree from Beijing University of Chemical Technology. He worked as an associate professor in the department of Materials Science and Engineering of BUCT. He is the head of the Key Lab of Beijing City on Preparation and Processing of Novel Polymer Materials, the head of the Engineering Research Center of Ministry of Education on Energy and Resource Saved Elastomers, and associate head of State Key Lab of Organic-Inorganic Composites, China. He is also  the head of Cheung Kong Scholar Innovation Group of Ministry of Education, and the head of National Defense Science and Industry Innovation Group. He has published over 400 papers, the number of papers with his name as the first author or the corresponding author included by SCI is over 200. He was chosen to be one of the most cited Chinese Researchers of Elsevier 2014-2017.He was invited to be the plenary speaker, the keynote speaker, the co-general chair and the session chair for more than 100 times.

Research Interests:

Professor LiqunZhang main research direction is focused on designing, synthesizing, studying the structure-property of advanced polymer nano composites towards various practical applications through computer simulation technique and experiment.

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