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Luis Corrales


Luis Corrales-Rodriguez completed his Medical Doctor Degree from University of Costa Rica, San Pedro, Costa Rica, Central America. He is a Medical oncologist at Hospital San Juan de Dios (CCSS) and at the Center for Cancer Research and Management (CIMCA) in San Jose, Costa Rica. He obtained his medical degree at the Universidad de Costa Rica and completed his Medical Oncology residency program at the same university in 2009. He then pursued a Thoracic Oncology Fellowship at Notre-Dame Hospital from the University Hospital of Montreal (CHUM) in Montreal, Canada. He returned to Costa Rica joining the faculty at Hospital San Juan de Dios and becoming a pre-graduate and post-graduate professor at the University of Costa Rica. He is the leading investigator for Costa Rica of several international clinical trials. He is member of the Costa Rican Association of Medical Oncology (ACOMED), Latin American Consortium for Lung Cancer Research (CLICaP), ASCO, ESMO, and IASLC.

Research Interests:

His research interest mainly focuses on translational medicine, molecular biology, targeted therapies, and immune-oncology applied to thoracic, gastrointestinal, and breast oncology among others.

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