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Fung-Lung Chung


Dr. Chung is currently a senior faculty member of the Department of Oncology. He was the Chief of Division of Carcinogenesis and Molecular Epidemiologist and the Program Leader of Mechanisms of Carcinogenesis at the American Health Foundation Cancer Center of Institute for Cancer Prevention in Valhalla, New York. He served on various NIH Scientific Review Committees and was a regular member of the NIH Chemical Pathology Study Section (1990-94). He was also a member of the Senior Advisory Board of the Institute for Cancer Prevention (1995-2004). He served on the editorial board for several journals. At Georgetown, He is a tenured professor of the Department of Oncology and a member of the LCCC Carcinogenesis, Biomarkers, and Epidemiology (CBE) Program. He is also a co-leader for that program at the Cancer Center. He is course director and lecturer of Molecular Epidemiology of Cancer Risk (TBIO 581), a course designed to introduce students to the concept of the carcinogenesis process and use of biomarkers to assess cancer risk in human populations.

Research Interests:

Research interests are focuses on the mechanism of chemical carcinogenesis and cancer chemoprevention.

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