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Fazli Yanik


FazliYanik received his medical degree from Trakya University, Turkey and he was a thoracic surgery research fellow in Thoracic Oncology department at the same University Hospital between 2012-2015. Dr. Yoruk is the Clinical Area Coordinator of Thoracic Oncology at Department of Thoracic Oncology in Edirne, Turkey. He deals with biomedical research and clinical studies (Phase I-II) in Thoracic Oncology. He actively works at Thoracic Surgery department of Trakya University as an Assitant Professor since 2015. He is a member of ERS, EACTS and IASLC Societies and a founder of the Turkish Lung Cancer Community.

Research Interests:

He has an interest in lung cancer surgery, Video-assisted Thoracoscopic Surgery, minimal invasive surgery, mediastinal tumors, pleural tumors, and mesothelioma. He published manuscripts in peer-reviewed journals as Journal of Thoracic Disease, Journal of Laparo endoscopic& Advanced surgical techniques, Journal of clinical and analytical Medicine, Asian Cardiovascular& Thoracic Annals, Indian Journal of Thoracic and cardiothoracic Surgery.

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