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Alejandro Javier Espanol born in Buenos Aires in 1971. He studied in primary school education Felix Origone of Buenos Aires and graduated as Biological Proficient in school Juan M. Gutierrez in the same city. In 2001 he obtained a degree in Biological Sciences at the University of Buenos Aires and four years later he obtained a Philosophy Doctor degree from the University of Buenos Aires.He studied at the University of Buenos Aires when he began his research at the Center of Pharmacological and Botanical Studies and in 1999 he made his first of several publications in an indexed journal. By getting your degree in Biological Sciences he continues his research in the area of oncology at the Institute of Oncology Angel H. Roffo in the University of Buenos Aires.

Elapse 2006 and Espanol Ph.D. becomes as a member of the National Research Council of Science and Technology of Argentina performing their research at the Center for Pharmacological and Botanical Studies. In that year also Espanol Ph.D. initiated functions as Director of Philosophy Doctor Thesis at the University of Buenos Aires, Favaloro and Maimonides from Argentina

In 2010 he started as a teacher at the Medical University of Buenos Aires where he continues.In 2014 he traveled to Italy for the purpose of conducting research in neuro-oncology at the University of La Sapienza in Rome, returning in 2015 to the Center of Pharmacological and Botanical Studies of Argentina where he continues to develop his research to today.

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