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Dr hab Agnieszka Ewa Wiacek


Dr hab.Agnieszka Ewa Wiacek studied chemistry in 1989-1994 at Maria Curie-Sklodowska University in Lublin (Poland) and in 1994 was employed as a research assistant in the Department of Physical Chemistry. She received D. Sc. degree in chemistry in September 2000 on the base of Ph.D. thesis including the effect of natural stabilizers on oil/water emulsion stability. In 2013 she received Dr. habilitation degree in physical chemistry writing dissertation titled “Effect of the selected biologically-active substances, mainly phospholipids and (phospho)lipases on the interfacial properties of dispersed systems”. She published about 60 scientific papers. She was the promoter of 10 master of science thesis (M. Sc) and 18 licentiate thesis (B. Sc.). She participated in 6 scientific projects including 1 international project. She was the main performer in 2 projects (1 of them promoter’s project) and performer in others. She collaborated with Prof. Delgado team (Grenada University, Spain). She prepared the new tasks and teaching materials in English for students of Chemistry (Material Chemistry specialization). She conducts laboratory of physicochemical phenomena at interfaces in English.

Research Interests:

Her research interest mainly focuses on Colloidal chemistry, dispersed systems, emulsion and suspension stability, dynamic light scattering, wettability, polymers and biopolymers, surfactants and biosurfactants, zeta potential, DLVO, green chemistry.

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