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Mohamed A Tawfik


Dr. M A Tawfik studied the Agricultural Engineering at the Zagazig University, Egypt and graduated in 1996. He worked as a Demonstrator from 1998 until receiving the MSc degree in 2001, then obtained the PhD degree in 2005 at the same institution which promoted him as a Lecturer. He is an Associate Professor of Bio-systems engineering and Renewable Energy. He published various research articles in prestigious journals and conferences in his research areas of Agricultural Engineering. He is a member in scientific societies such as; World Society of Sustainable Energy Technologies (WSSET), Nottingham, UK and Forum for Engineering, Applied sciences & Technology (FEAST), Derby, UK.

Research Interests:

  • Sustainable and renewable energy Technologies
  • Wastes valorization
  • Development of Agricultural machines
  • Bio-systems engineering
  • Solar energy applications
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Manufacturing of aquatic and animal feeds

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