Boffin Access Limited - Reviewer Roles and Responsibilities

At Boffin Access, we deeply respect the efforts of peer reviewers for improving our journals' standards and enabling our platform to play an honorable role in contributing to scholarly literature. Their service towards documenting the latest achievements in a wide variety of scientific and academic fields is indispensable as we make headway into the future. Due to their continuous support and involvement Boffin Access has been able to publish worthwhile content in as many as 38 journals.


When you are chosen by the editorial board to review a manuscript provide your decision as to whether you can accept the invitation as soon as possible. After agreeing to review a paper should conditions change that prevent you from completing the review you must inform the editorial board immediately.


Should the subject of study in the assigned manuscript fall beyond the purview of your field of expertise, notify the appropriate editorial board members.

Code of Conduct

Reviewers must remain fair, impartial and withhold bias in judgement. You are expected to act responsibly in providing constructive criticism, which the the authors should find helpful in addressing any issues with the manuscript.

Conflicts of Interest

Declare any conflicting or competing interests that will impact your review of a manuscript. Inform the editorial board immediately and recuse yourself from the invitation to review if necessary.

Decision Making

Your decision should be informed by the scientific merit of a manuscript. Include comments with your final decision and spell out any additional requirements or revisions you expect from the author.

Final Decision

The editor-in-chief has the final say in deciding whether a paper should be published. The EiC will take your comments into account while judging the suitability and originality of a manuscript. You must respect the decision made by EiC.


As required by the double-blind peer-review standards, you must not attempt to make any contact with the author and maintain anonymity. You must keep the manuscripts confidential, do not share any relevant documents or data with anyone outside the review team.

Reviewer Benefits

We do not pay reviewers, but we do provide benefits on a case-by-case basis. We are immensely grateful to our reviewers, which is why we make sure to acknowledge their efforts and extend due credit to make sure their service is recognised among research communities.