About Boffin Access Limited

Boffin access limited is an emerging Open Access publisher with nearly forty journals spanning several fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). Our aim is to create an international venue for researchers from all walks of life to share and exchange their findings in order to push the boundaries of current knowledge.

In keeping with our goals we continuously make efforts to streamline the process from manuscript submission to publication. To prioritize high-quality content and publication ethics our editorial boards are made up of eminent scientists from several countries; they follow internationally accepted publishing standards set forth by COPE. We accept papers from all over the world and there are no demographic, racial or socioeconomic barriers to avail our services. Facilitating efficient collaboration between researchers, academia, industry experts and policymakers globally is a challenge we overcome every day at Boffin Access.

Mission Statement

We are devoted to the principles and core ethics of Open Access. Our goal is to create an egalitarian platform to enable unrestricted knowledge exchange among researchers, experts and curious minds alike. We believe that for far too long the scientific literature’s circulation in academia was limited by the conventional publication model, we are breaking away from old traditions to open the doors wide open to people from all corners of the world. First and foremost, we respect the author’s right of ownership to the articles they create.

Our Vision

  • To act as a bridge between industry and academia by creating forums to discuss the advances in science and technology.
  • Create opportunities for new partnerships between researchers, scholars, public organizations and corporations.
  • Bring together subject experts and policymakers to improve standards, production quality and delivery of articles.
  • Innovate ways to enhance the reach and exchange of the work produced by our contributors.
  • Find affordable and long-term solutions for publicly storing experimental data.
  • Promoting young students to nurture the next generation of researchers.