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Reviewer Roles and Responsibilities

Boffin Access is committed to ensure the integrity of review process, hence we request all our reviewers to follow the code of conduct to avoid conflict and to be respected by scientific communities. We request our others and editors to maintain the confidentiality of the review process unless it is necessary to share with people involved.


Boffin Access encourages our editors to select the potential reviewers to complete the effective review process. Our editorial board members can be selected reviewers for the assigned manuscripts. Very often authors suggest reviewers to editors and also editorial staff selects the reviewers.


A reviewer must be an expert of the specific field. Editorial office can be notified if the reviewer is not an expert or the assigned manuscript is not within the primary research interest of the reviewer.

Code of Conduct

Reviewers should maintain fair, impartial and confidentiality throughout the review process. We encourage our reviewers to maintain high level standards to enhance the reputation of the publisher.

Decision Making

Reviewers should make the decision based on the scientific merit. A reviewer should never make decisions based on the personal interests or conflicts. Editorial office or editor can be notified if the reviewer has any conflict of interest.


A reviewer should maintain healthy relationship with editorial staff and editors. Reviewers must respect the editor decision.


We deeply respect the efforts of our reviewer and we are honored to work with such expert review board which improved the scientific quality of our journals. As gratitude, we publish an acknowledgement in the last issue of the respective journal.

Financial Benefits

We will never pay money to our reviewer; however, there will be benefits to the reviewers which credits their efforts.