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Boffin Access Limited Peer Review Guidelines

Peer review is an essential step and plays an important role in maintaining the integrity of work published by the researchers. The process involves a trustworthy relationship between authors and reviewers as they must behave responsibly and ethical throughout the process. Boffin Access Limited journals understand the importance of reviewing scientific work and publishing quality research so we use a double-blind peer review model (based on COPE guidelines), which means that both the reviewer and author identities are concealed from the reviewers, and vice versa, throughout the review process.

Hence author submitting articles to our journals need to ensure that their identities will not be disclosed and manuscripts will be prepared as per the same rule. All the authors need to submit a cover letter containing article title and author/co-author details, affiliations, contact number and address for journal purpose only which will not be disclosed to reviewers and a blind article will be forwarded for peer review.

  • Tables or Figures cited in the manuscript must not bear any affiliation related identifier.
  • Remove references to funding source supporting your work
  • Include the Acknowledgment section in the cover letter
  • Use third person to refer work previously published or undertaken and will probably need to be cited as anonymous in references. E.g: [Anonymous, 2007]
  • Limit self references