Clinical Dermatology and Dermatitis

The Role of Hyaluronan as a Moisturizing Factor in Atopic Dermatitis

Virendra N Sehgal*

Dermato-Venereology (Skin/VD) Center, Sehgal Nursing Home, Panchwati, Delhi, India

Corresponding author

Dr. Sehgal VN
Dermato Venerology (Skin/VD) Center Sehgal Nursing Home
A/6 Panchwati, Delhi-110 033, India
Tel- +91-9810182241

  • Received Date:6 JULY 2018
  • Accepted Date:20 August 2018
  • Published Date:23 August 2018

DOI:   10.31021/cdd.20181105

Article Type:   Letter to Editor

Manuscript ID:   CDD-1-105

Publisher:   Boffin Access Limited.

Volume:   1.1

Journal Type:   Open Access

Copyright:   © 2018 Sehgal VN.
Creative Commons Attribution 4.0


Sehgal VN. COPD in HIV Infected Patients. Clin dermatiol dermatitis. 2018 Aug;1(1):105

Letter to Editor

To the Editor,
The role of alterations in microanatomy and physiology of stratum corneum, sturdy skin barrier, has been subject of an intriguing dialogue [1-5] ever since its initial speculation [6] in the year 2003. The precise, details of the same have been vividly outlined recently [7]. A continuing endeavor to find a plausible sequence of events determining the natural history of atopic dermatitis to be a focus, warranting attention to the role of hyaluronan, a moisturizing factor of stratum corneum supplied from keratinocytes beneath the stratum corneum layer regulating its mechanical properties [8]. Hyaluronan / Hyaluronic acid are well known to exist as a water-sorbed macromolecule in the extra cellular matrix, the Pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic of which form the subject matter of another article [9]. The pre eminent property of hyaluronidase is unique, and was made use of in combination with pimecrolimus [10], a well recognized local immuno modulator in the management of atopic dermatitis with appreciable outcome [11]. Future studies on the role of hyaluronan in atopic dermatitis along with the other related factors of stratum corneum, may add to the understanding of atopic dermatitis and its management in the future.