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Methods of Microbiology and Molecular Biology

About the Journal

Microbiology and Molecular Biology are playing critical roles in human health care and had remarkable impact on disease treatment, diagnosis and clinical applications. Methods of Microbiology and Molecular Biology, is an open access peer reviewed journal that is available online to the researchers of least corner of the world. Methods of Microbiology and Molecular Biology, is a bimonthly publication that refers most recent technologies involved in microbiology and molecular biology.

Aims and Scope

Methods of Microbiology and Molecular Biology, invites clinical experts, medical professionals and researchers to submit their findings for publication by which the latest updates would be shared and improve the current knowledge. Methods of Microbiology and Molecular Biology mainly focuses on clinical microbiology, medical microbiology, molecular techniques, molecular methods in microbiology, next generation sequencing, molecular mechanisms of diseases and pathogens, events in host pathogen interactions and computational microbiology, diagnostic methods and treatment strategies. The editor invites and accepts high quality research reports, reviews and editorial letters for publication.

Subjects covered by the Methods of Microbiology and Molecular Biology

  • Host-parasite relationships leading to disease
  • Microorganisms and their interaction with hosts and the environment
  • Detect mutagenic and carcinogenic activity in prospective drugs
  • Anaerobes and anaerobic activities of facultative or microaerophilic bacteria, fungi, and protozoa
  • Antifungal and antiparasitic agents and chemotherapy
  • Computational analyses in Virology and Molecular Biology
  • Structure and functions of extrachromosomal factors of heredity and migratory genetic elements
  • Natural and acquired host resistance against virus infections
  • Novel forms of serotherapy against viral diseases
  • Microbiological synthesis of food and feed products
  • New and emerging products, processes and technologies
  • Clinical aspects of the occurrence and treatment of bacterial, virological, fungal, and parasitic diseases
  • Microbial Metabolism & Interactions
  • Evolutionary & Environmental Microbiology
  • Food, Dairy & Industrial Microbiology
  • Pure and applied Microbiology
  • Molecular genetics of pro- and eukaryotes
  • Genetic mapping of pathogenic causative agents
  • Industrial microbiology and biodegradation
  • Biocatalysis and fermentation technology
  • Cell biology and immunology to genetics and evolution
  • Model microbes for biological explorations
  • Basic and applied aspects of the use of enzymes
  • Modern approaches to parasitology and immunology
  • Vaccine-related studies and molecular diagnostic and epidemiology studies
  • Culturable and unculturable forms of microorganisms
  • Interactions of virulence factors with host cells
  • Microbiological quality assurance
  • Intrinsic and extrinsic parameters of foods affecting microbial survival and growth
  • Indices of the sanitary quality of foods
  • Antibiotic resistant microbial pathogens and resistance genes