International Journal of Cardiology and Cardiovascular Medicine

ISSN 2517-570X

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Volume 1: Issue 2 - March 2018

Right-Sided Air Embolism after Cardiopulmonary Bypass: Not Only a Left Side Problem

*Corresponding author: Juan I De Brahi, Department of Anesthesiology, Private University Hospital of Cordoba, Cordoba, Argentina, E-mail:

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Sudden Cardiac Arrest in Childhood: An Overview

*Corresponding author: Yousef Etoom, Division of Emergency Medicine, The Hospital for Sick Children 555 University, Avenue, Toronto, ON M5G 1X8, Canada, E-mail:

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How Can we do Cardiac Rehabilitation in Patients after Percutaneous Coronary Intervention

*Corresponding author: Rafael Michel de Macedo, Department of Medicine, Pontifical Catholic University of Paraná; Heart Academy, Costantini Cardiology Hospital, Brazil, Tel. No: 55419962-21-02; Fax. No: 55413013-9000; E-mail:

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Comparison and Analysis of New Echocardiographic Parameters as Predictors of Immediate Outcomes of REDO PTMC

*Corresponding author: Ravella Keerthika Chowdary, Department of Cardiology, Nizam’s Institute of Medical Sciences, Hyderabad, India, Tel: 91-9491544225, E-mail:

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Fractional Flow Reserve: Should be the Gold Standard for Therapeutic Definition of Coronary Artery Disease?

*Corresponding author: Jose Antonio F Ramires, Department of Cardiology Heart Institute-INCOR, USP- Sao Paulo, Brazil, E-mail:

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