Functional and Structural Genomics and Medicine

About the Journal

Functional and Structural Genomics and Medicine is an international open access peer-reviewed journal that aimed to disseminate the role of genomics in medicine and healthcare applications. In recent times there in an increased interest in genomic and applications in various fields. Boffin Access initiated an open platform ‘Functional and Structural Genomics and Medicine’ which provides complete updated information about the developments in both functional and structural genomics.

Aims and Scope

Functional and Structural Genomics and Medicine journal has wide coverage that include but not limited to genetics, genomics, genomic medicine, genetic medicine, genetic diseases, functional genomics, structural genomics, computational genomics, molecular medicine, diagnosis methods, and all related fields.

Functional and Structural Genomics and Medicine invites authors to submit original reports, expert reviews, editorials, communications, commentaries and letters for publication. Functional and Structural Genomics and Medicine publish high quality, unpublished data as soon as accepted from the external peer review process.

Functional and Structural Genomics and Medicine editor welcomes researchers of genomics from the all parts of the globe to submit their papers and get published in our journal to update the current knowledge.

Subjects covered by the Functional and Structural Genomics and Medicine

  • Sequencing technologies and bioinformatics
  • Structural determination and protein expression
  • Cloning and genetically modified organisms
  • Transcriptomics
  • Gene discovery and gene expression
  • Protein and nucleic acid structure and function
  • Genomic approaches to breeding and comparative studies
  • Genomic approaches to ecology and evolutionary biology
  • Research and new methodologies for selection of molecules
  • Experimental and structure-based functional analysis
  • Whole genome analyses of model and complex organisms
  • Genome and proteome evolution
  • CTCF-Mediated Human 3D Genome Architecture
  • Network biology and the development of novel tools
  • Advancements in DNA sequencing technologies
  • Large-scale/high-throughput analysis of biological systems
  • Ionomics and Metagenomics
  • Three-dimensional structures of gene products
  • Translation and epigenetic regulation
  • Interaction Energy and Sequence Conservation
  • Semi-Automated Enzyme-Free Cloning
  • Transcriptional profiling
  • Analysis of noncoding and other RNAs
  • Cancer genomics
  • Macro- and micro-syentenic analyses
  • New or significantly advanced technologies for genomics research
  • Advanced statistical and mathematic methods and models for genomic experimental designs