Current Trends in Vaccines and Vaccinology

About the Journal

Vaccines are the biological preparations which provide protection against some dreadful diseases. Vaccines contain the killed or attenuated forms of microbes, its toxins or end products. Vaccines when administered trigger the human immunity system to recognize the foreign body and fight back against it at later encounters.

The Current Trends in Vaccines and Vaccinology (CTVV) is an open access journal publishing articles on different areas of vaccinology such as Human Vaccines, Veterinary vaccines, Immunology, Vaccine Safety, Vectors etc.

Aims and Scope

The journal main aim is to publish high quality research works and provide Open Access to the articles using this platform. It is an international, peer-reviewed open access journal focused on laboratory and clinical vaccine research, utilization and immunization.

The journal publishes Research, Reviews, Case Reports, Communications, Editorial, Letters etc. Currents Trends in Vaccines and Vaccinology (CTVV) has international expert editorial board and review team and follows standard double-blind review process and making editorial decisions based on the scientific merit.

Current Trends in Vaccines and Vaccinology (CTVV) follows a standard double blinded peer review process. The journal welcomes manuscripts communicating to a broader audience with regard to research projects financed with public funds.

Subjects covered by the Current Trends in Vaccines and Vaccinology

  • Design Production & Development of Vaccines
  • Cellular & Molecular Immune Responses
  • Inactivated vaccine & attenuated vaccine
  • Veterinary medicine & DIVA vaccines
  • Classical, clinical & developmental immunology
  • Heterologous vaccines
  • Breakthroughs in Immunotherapeutics
  • Safety and perceptions of licensed vaccines
  • Impact of licensed vaccines and Immunotherapeutics on disease
  • Research and development of novel vaccines and Immunotherapeutics
  • Novel approaches in vaccination and immunotherapy and experimental vaccines
  • Immunotherapeutics for treating non-infectious diseases
  • History of Vaccinology
  • Human Vaccines - infectious diseases
  • Residual Seizure Disorder
  • Identification of new vaccines to prevent diseases
  • Sudden Infant Death Syndrome
  • Waning Immunity
  • Pneumococcal conjugate vaccine
  • Vaccine-associated paralytic poliomyelitis
  • Ebola haemorrhagic fever
  • Tick-borne encephalitis
  • Regulatory affairs and Preclinical vaccine studies
  • Plant based vaccines
  • Human vaccines - infectious diseases