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Short Communication

Ethnobotanical Values of Dioscorea Species Available in Eastern Ghats, India

Corresponding Author: Jayanta Kumar Patra, Dongguk University, Research Institute of Biotechnology & Medical Converged Science, Korea, Republic of.
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Research Article

RP-HPLC and GC-MS Based Identification of Phenolic Acids, Flavonoids and Hydroxyl ContainingCompoundsfromOneoftheLeadAccessionsofAmaranthus hypochondriacus L. Identified on the Basis of Biomarkers of Antioxidant Potential

Corresponding Author: Soumen Bhattacharjee, The University of Burdwan, Plant Physiology & Biochemistry Research Laboratory UGC Centre for Advanced Study Department of Botany, Burdwan, West Bengal, India.
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Research Article

In Vitro Antibacterial Activity of Citrus limon (L.) Burm against Gentamicin-Resistant Escherichia coli Complemented with in Silico Molecular Docking of Its Major Phytochemicals with Ribosome Recycling Factor

Corresponding Author: Khosrow Chehri, Razi University, Department of Biology Faculty of Science, Kermanshah, Iran (Islamic Republic of).
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Editorial Team

The interdisciplinary science of health known as Pharmacy is wide and demands excellent calibre to advance in this field for the society's betterment. Pharmacy has forever co-existed through traditional and conventional approaches; however, the latest technological and integrated approaches have improved the understanding of Pharmacy and Pharmacology Journal. The practise involved in pharmacy promotes the health at affordable pricing and by more tactful ways than before.

Boffin Access understands the need of this multifaceted venue and strives to let it grow with the best of both conventional and advanced developments by, to and for the researchers and scholars. Therefore, we have initiated Pharmacy and Pharmacology Journal under as one of our varied journals. This is an open-access peer-reviewed international journal, which publishes high-end quality content, crafted authentically and distributed among prominent scientific communities. The journal offers a rich collection of relevant write-ups, with emphasis on molecular break-down and actions of drugs, the contrasting nature of medicinal content and productive and time-tested clinical trials.

Aims and Scope

Pharmacy and Pharmacology (PP) journal covers an extensive range of fields that are related and associated with Pharmacy and Pharmacology Journal. Our dedicated team of professionals endeavours to release this journal bimonthly with the best of research works compiled to cater to targeted audience's needs. The journal invites authors from all over the globe to submit their manuscripts for publication. Your valuable contribution will not only strengthen the journal's content but also help the readers, professionals and willing students to be aware of the ever-growing knowledge in this field. The streamlined and technologically advanced methods that have shaped the present-day notions of pharmacy is worth being noted and relayed down to the young minds. Authorsare welcomed to submit thoughtful research, reviews, mini reviews, casereports, expert reviews, opinion-based articles,short communications, editorials and letters to editor for publication.

Why Publish with Pharmacy and Pharmacology Journal?

  • Global Readership
  • Boffin Access journal boasts experts in its Editorial Board, who help in improving the quality of the research papers published. 
  • Decision-making, choosing referees and reviewing manuscripts are done unbiasedly depending on the authentic quality of the submission.
  • The articles are made available within 21 working days from the acceptance.
  • Promotion of published articles on social media.
  • Copyright is provided to and retained by authors, licensing the article under a creative commons license.
  • Boffin Access journals follow a high standard of the double-blinded peer-review process.
  • Accepted articles will be published online as PDF versions, HTML, video files, Infographics, Audio files and curated web content.
  • Content is published without any space constraints.

Subjects covered by the Pharmacy and Pharmacology Journal

  • Antitubercular
  • Aquatic Toxicology
  • Biochemistry
  • Cancer Pharmacology
  • Cellular and Molecular Biology
  • Clinical pharmacology
  • Cocaine Abuse
  • Development and Characterisation of the targeted drug delivery systems
  • Drug Interaction
  • Drug Regulatory Affairs
  • Drug Toxicology
  • Endocrine Pharmacology
  • Environmental Toxicology
  • Experimental Pharmacy
  • Forensic Toxicology
  • Genetic Toxicology
  • Immuno pharmacology
  • Insect Toxins
  • Molecular Pharmacology
  • Neuro pharmacology
  • Neuropharmacology
  • Nutriceutical Pharmacology
  • Pharma Analytical Methods
  • Pharmaceutical Biotechnology & Microbiology
  • Pharmaceutical Formulations
  • Pharmacodynamics
  • Pharmacogenomics
  • Pharmacology
  • Pharmacy Education
  • Pharmacy Practice & Hospital Pharmacy
  • Polymer-based drug delivery
  • Population Pharmacology
  • PvPIandrographispaniculata
  • Social and Administrative Pharmacy
  • Theoretical Pharmacology
  • Translational Pharmacology
  • Applied Toxicology
  • Behavioural Pharmacology
  • Biomedical Toxicology
  • Cardiovascular pharmacology
  • Cellular pharmacology
  • Clinical Toxicology
  • Dental Pharmacology
  • Discovery and Translational Medicine
  • Drug Reactions
  • Drug Safety & Toxicology
  • Education in Pharmacology
  • Environmental Pharmacology
  • Experimental Pharmacology
  • Food Toxicology
  • Gastrointestinal and Urogenital Pharmacology
  • Genomics & Proteomics
  • Immunopharmacology and Inflammation
  • Molecular and Cellular Pharmacology
  • Nanocarrier-based drug delivery
  • Neuro Toxicology
  • Novel & Targeted drug delivery
  • Pediatric Toxicology
  • Pharma Microbiology
  • Pharmaceutical Care
  • Pharmaceutics & Biopharmaceutics
  • Pharmacoepidemiology
  • Pharmacokinetics
  • Pharmacovigilance
  • Pharmacy Management
  • Poisonous Effects
  • Polypharmacy
  • Prodrug design
  • Responsive Delivery Systems
  • Systems Pharmacology
  • Toxicity

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