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Editor-in-Chief Roles and Responsibilities

Editor-in-Chief is the head of the board and decision maker of the journal, who is expert of the field and renowned. The following are the major roles of the editors-in-chief…

  • Describe the aims and scope of the journal and select topics related to the journal
  • Selection of papers and actively participate in review process
  • Select suitable persons for the editorial board and co-ordinate with other editors, reviewers and editorial staff
  • Prepare guideline to improve the standards of the journal.
  • Suggest potential contributors and reviewers to make the journal success
  • Submit papers, editorials and opinions for publication in the journal.
  • Promote the journal at international events where you are a participant/organizing committee member
  • Suggest the journal to your friends, colleagues and students to receive submissions
  • Organize special issues if time allows
  • Make decisions at any time in any process
  • Summarize the editorial policies and supervise the review process
  • Decide the journal frequency and issue size if required

Editor Roles and Responsibilities

  • Should be an expert in the specific field and should have more than 100 publications.
  • Should actively participate in review process and editorial activities
  • Suggest the journal to friends, colleagues and students for publications
  • Submit review articles and editorials to improve the journal citations
  • An editorial board member could organize special editions based on research interest and expertise
  • Promote the journal among research communities