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Associations and Collaborations

Boffin Access Limited is a peer-reviewed open access publisher that creates and promote scientific networks across the continents, which play a vital role in the success of the publisher. On the other hand, Boffin Access Limited is looking for the highest level of back up for its publications. Therefore, Boffin Access Limited encourages scientific partnerships with international organizations, societies, and associations around the world. Moreover, we are happy to associate with private/corporate partnerships also.

In collaboration with a society/association/network group, Boffin Access Limited aims to bring together the people of a similar research field to deliberate next-generation advancements. Boffin Access Limited is looking for mutual benefits with its esteemed associates. All the members of collaborating society/association will be given partial waivers on article processing charges, conference registration fee, etc. In return, the journal gains international promotion and scientific support from the society/association.

Boffin Access Limited offers wide ranges of benefits apart from the financial liabilities such as promotion of the events of society, advertise the society news on websites, sponsor the society annual meetings, and suggest the society to the authors, editors, and reviewers to improve the members of the society. And Boffin Access Limited requests the society to provide place on its website and announce the journal as the official publication of the society/association.

Boffin Access Limited confirms collaboration with any society/association after both the parties accept and sign on a defined agreement which states the mutual benefits, financial agreements, elongation and or termination of the contract. While in the collaboration Boffin Access Limited integrate to uphold the quality, reputation and encourage ethical practices to follow and expect the same from the same from its associates.